Downtown Development


Bessemer City Downtown Development Association

logoBCDDA is a group of volunteers that follow the North Carolina Main Street’s 4-Point Approach to revitalize downtown Bessemer City.  Organization, Design, Promotions, and Economic Vitality are the four points used to revitalize downtown.  The committee works with City officials and elected leaders to direct redevelopment efforts in Downtown Bessemer City.

BCDDA consists of nine (9) board members. Seven (7) regular board members, one (1)City Council representative and one (1) Chamber of Commerce representative.  This board guides three standing committees, Design, Promotions, and Economic Restructuring.  These committees include volunteers that focus on each individual committee’s goals.

What is the North Carolina Main Street Program?

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Board meetings are conducted on the fourth Monday of every month at 9:30AM while committee meetings occur on an as-needed basis.

BCDDA strives to better the environment of downtown Bessemer City in order to promote existing and new business development!

img_1821111BCDD Vision:

Downtown Bessemer City, conveniently located to major transportation with steady industrial growth, is the cornerstone of an attractive, affordable lifestyle among a rich heritage of a compassionate community, with a thriving, growing and diverse retail mix while imparting a sense of spirit and values amidst North Carolina and community treasures: state and national parks, city recreational opportunities thus creating an environment for a healthy and profitable future that welcomes you for a lifetime.

Board Members

  • Pamela Gladney, Chairperson
  • Melba Kiser, Vice-Chairperson
  • Brooke Randolph, Secretary
  • Mayor Becky Smith, City Council Representative
  • Meg Tsamb, Chamber of Commerce Representative
  • Angel Autry
  • Bridget Martin
  • Otis Whitehurst
  • Allen Hook



  • Design
  • Promotions
  • Economic Vitality

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