Winter Weather Information

With approaching winter weather, the City of Bessemer City is taking precautions to prepare for inclement and hazardous conditions.  The National Weather Service is expecting winter weather on Friday, January 6th and Saturday, January 7th.  Click Here to get the latest information about Bessemer City weather. Bessemer City’s top priority is safety during an inclement weather event.  Weather information from the National Weather Service can be found here.

Inclement Weather Services

Public Works crews will work to monitor, treat, and clear roadways of fallen precipitation.  Bessemer City’s Precipitation Clearing Plan directs attention towards primary roads first.  This includes major thoroughfares such as Highway 274, Highway 161, Virginia Avenue, Maine Avenue, and other major roads.  Secondary streets include neighborhood roads and less traveled areas and tertiary streets included dead ends and alleyways.  Because winter weather is rare in our area, the City has a limited fleet of vehicles for performing these services.  We ask that you practice patience as crews work diligently to clear roads and streets.





The Bessemer City Police Department and Bessemer City Fire Department encourages all citizens to stay off roadways during inclement weather.  Both departments will be on standby to respond to calls and emergencies.  For non-life threatening matters, call the Bessemer City Police Department at (704) 629-2235.  For life threatening matters and emergencies, call 911.


The Bessemer City Police Department would like to remind citizens that it is illegal to operate all terrain vehicles (ATVs), including four wheelers and dirt bikes, on any street or road in Bessemer City.  The police have the authority to seize and impose fines for drivers who break this law.  For more information, visit 

The Bessemer City Police Department strives to enforce this law, regardless of weather conditions, to ensure safety for all citizens and to protect private property from damages.  Please help us in our efforts to keep Bessemer City safe. 




F.A.Q. and Definitions

Watches, Warnings & Advisories
Winter Storm Watch- Indicates severe winter weather, such as snow or ice, is possible within the next day or two.  Prepare now! 

Winter Storm Warning- Indicates heavy snow (greater than 6”), heavy sleet (½” +), or a combination of winter weather hazards are highly likely or occurring. Stay indoors and adjust travel plans!

Ice Storm Warning- Heavy accumulations of ice will create extremely dangerous travel, damage trees and likely cause extended power outages.

Blizzard Warning- Strong winds of 35 mph or greater will combine to produce blinding snow, near zero visibility, deep drifts, and life threatening conditions – especially for those attempting travel.

Winter Weather Advisory- Indicates snow accumulating 2 to 5 inches, or a combination of winter weather conditions will cause significant inconveniences and may be hazardous, especially to motorists. Use caution if you venture out!

Freezing Rain Advisory- Light accumulations of ice will cause hazardous travel.

Wind Chill Advisory- Dangerous wind chills of 15 to 24 below zero.

Winter Weather Definitions

Freezing Rain – Precipitation that falls from the clouds as rain, but freezes into a glaze of ice on ground based objects (trees, power lines, roads, cars, etc.).

Sleet – Small pellets of ice, created by frozen raindrops. Sleet bounces when hitting a surface and does not stick to objects.

Wind Chill – A calculation of how cold it feels outside when the effects of temperature and wind speed are combined. Wind chill ONLY applies to bare, human skin. The effects of wind chill are different for animals, and doesn’t apply at all to non-living objects.

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