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Ready.  Set.  Grow!  What does this imply about a community’s desire for growth?  How can three words express a community’s values?  It’s simple; Bessemer City is ready for growth.  And, we have a lot to offer.

Bessemer City was established in 1893 as a textile mill community along what is now known as the Norfolk Southern Railroad.  The community is entrenched in a culture that puts community first.  Places of faith, events, civic functions, school support, and anything that bridges people together is placed high on our community’s list of values.  The community also values economic growth, business development, and quality of life improvements.

Bessemer City is rich in culture, but limited in development.  Our small community poses immense opportunity for growth as the Charlotte-Metro Region continues to top the charts in fastest growing Metro-Region in the United States.

The purpose of ‘Ready. Set. Grow!’ is to illustrate Bessemer City’s economic development growth initiative.  This initiative aligns with the City’s Unified Development Ordinance (UDO), which includes land use regulations, small area plans, and strategic planning goals for the community’s future.  This initiative is meant to simplify what our development vision means and invite you to explore opportunities in Bessemer City.  Are you ready to grow with us?



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