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Thank you for taking the time to review and participate in our short survey.  The City needs your input on the proposed zoning districts  being considered by the Planning Board and City Council.  Please review the information and visuals below before submitting your survey response at the bottom of this page.  Additional resources about the BEE Ready 2030 Vision Plan can be found here.

Explore The Proposed Districts!

A zoning district is an area in a community that allows and encourages certain types of uses.  These uses may include housing, business, apartments, retail, or preservation.

The City’s proposed zoning districts include:

T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, SD-1, and SD-2 Districts

SD1 Consists of Type 1 buildings are typically medium to large size structures and can be low-rise for production and mid-rise for business.  Type 2 buildings are intended to be located in areas adjacent to mixed-use and housing to transition in scale and massing in smaller increments along the primary facade. Parking is generally provided by surface areas typically accessed from the street or rear lane frontages while the primary front faces a street or public green space.

SD2 Consists of large industrial facilities and is not regulated by planning standards as this heavy use requires considerable flexibility and should default to building, fire, and safety regulations.


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