The office of City Clerk  strives to provide clerical, record keeping and administrative functions to the Bessemer City Council and the City Manager.  The office also strives to be a resource for City staff and provided resources for employee excellence.The City Clerk serves as the link between City Council and citizens as well as between the City Manager and city staff.  Every town, City, and County in North Carolina has a City Clerk who serves as the custodian of public records, works to communicate policy to the public, organizes the public’s business, and performs varies task that assist in the operation of local government.  The City Clerk performs many tasks that assist guiding and managing the operation of local government policy and law.

  • Agenda preparation
  • Custodian of all City records
  • Manages requests to speak to Council
  • Administers Job Openings and Hiring Processes
  • Manages all human resources functions for all City employees
  • Collects, organizes, and maintains records
  • Records and submits City Council meeting minutes
  • Fulfills public records requests

Interested in speaking at a City Council meeting?  Have a public records request? Contact the Clerks Office at (704) 729-6509.

Hydeia Hayes, MPA, CMC
HR Director/ City Clerk

(704) 729-6509

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