Community Surveys

voice-can-be-heardYou have been invited to participate in a study of citizen perceptions towards Bessemer City.  If you agree to participate, you may be asked the following phases of data collection: completion of a questionnaire. You may decide not to participate in any task or may decide to not answer any questions on the questionnaire that make you feel uncomfortable.  You may also end participation at any time during the study.

icon-adminThere is no compensation for participation in this study.  This survey is sponsored by the City of Bessemer City. We appreciate your help. To preserve your confidentiality, you will not be required to place your name on the survey. Please select the item that corresponds to your answer. If you choose to provide your name, be advised that at no time will your name be identified in reports, papers, or publications.

Your decision to participate will not affect your future relations with the City of Bessemer City.

If you have questions, please feel free to send them to or