Garbage Collection & Recycling

img_4276-1The City contracts with Waste Pro for solid waste collection and recycling. Everyone within the city limits is required to have garbage collection and all residential customers within the city limits is required to have recycling collection. Costs are $10.50 per solid waste can and $3.50 per recycling can.

Garbage collection occurs four times per month and recycling occurs twice a month.

Roll-Out Carts

  • wastepro_002

    Recycling Carts- Blue bins with green lids Garbage Carts- green bins with blue lids

    Place carts with wheels facing your home.

  • Keep carts 2 feet from one another and 2 feet from parked cars, mailboxes, etc.
  • Do not block sidewalks with carts.

What can I put in the recycling roll-out cart?

For a complete list of items that will be accepted, please  see below. No styrofoam, plastic shopping bags or wrap allowed. Please rinse all items. Each household will receive recycling pick up every other week on the same day as their regular household collection.

List of Recyclable Items:

Empty Aerosol Cans (no paint cans), All Plastics 1-7 (no Styrofoam, bags, or wrap) Wide-Mouth Plastic, Containers & Lids, Rigid Plastic Containers & Small Hard Plastic Toys, Milk & Juice Cartons, & Juice Boxes, Shredded Paper (placed in clear bag), Aluminum Cans, Metal Food Cans & Lids, Glass Bottles & Jars, Cereal & Food Boxes, Cardboard Boxes Flattened, Mixed Paper, Newspapers, Junk Mail, Paperback Books, Magazines & Phone books, Spiral Paper Cans (with plastic lids detached). 

Churches, non-profits and some commercial sites may be required to have a dumpster. Those customers will need to contract with a waste removal service. The Public Works Director will decide when dumpster service is required. If you have problems with the collection or the container, please call City Hall at (704) 629-5542.



Waste Pro-Tection is a community awareness initiative in partnership with local law enforcement in an effort to better serve municipalities. The concept is simple, our employees, who perform waste collection duties, report unusual or suspicious activity to the local law enforcement for follow up. Training is provided by law enforcement to our employees on how to handle potential evidence and what kind of activities to look for in the neighborhoods they are servicing.  Contact the Bessemer City Police Department for more information.


  • Bag all garbage before placing in cart (this prevents litter).
  • Only bags placed inside garbage cart will be picked up.
  • Most routes will remain the same, some minor changes will occur.

Bulky Items

  • Items too large to fit inside your garbage cart are bulky items (such as furniture, lawn mowers, etc.).
  • Bulky items are picked up weekly on your normal service day.
  • Place bulky items beside cart.
  • No electronics.
  • Call 980.255.3800 for applicance pick up.

Rental Truck Program

The City provides the “rental truck” program to help citizens deal with removing bulk waste. With this program, residents can reserve a city truck to load the materials at their residence. The city will take the debris to the landfill the following day. The cost to reserve the truck is $25, which is put towards the landfill disposal fee. Following disposal, any amount over the $25 will be billed to the resident. The truck can be reserved by coming to City Hall, completing an application and paying the $25 fee.

Yard Waste Collection

  • The City will pick up yard waste weekly on your normal service day.
  • Branches must be no more than 6 inches in diameter and less than 5 feet long.
  • Do not mix other debris with leaves.
  • Loose leaves will be collected from October 1 – March 1.
  • Bagged leaves will be collected March 2 – September 30.

Limb Collection Reminder – City Ordinances require that limbs be no longer than 5ft. in length, and no larger than 6 inches in diameter. We cannot collect limbs if other debris is mixed with them, or if they exceed the required length & size. We are seeing an increase in contracted work being placed at curbside for collection. We do not collect yard waste resulting from any type of contracted work.

Leaf Collection – During the spring/summer months, the City will collect bagged leaves. The Leaf Vacuum Program begins in October of 2006. After that date, no bagged leaves will be collected. Also, leaves mixed with other debris cannot be vacuumed. Burning permits are not issued during the leaf vacuum season.

Yard Waste Collection Codes

Tree, hedge, and shrubbery trimmings shall be placed at the curb for collection in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. No tree trunks, branches, limbs, and the like, larger than six inches in diameter, longer than five feet in length shall be collected by the city.
  2. Tree and shrubbery limbs shall have protruding branches or limbs of a size not to be blown about and scattered by the elements, they shall be effectively tied so as to avoid wind driven debris and unsightly litter conditions. Thorny vegetation shall be placed near the curb in small, neat piles.
  3. Collection of tree and shrubbery trimmings shall be limited to six yards, uncompacted per week per residence, but additional service may be approved by the Public Works Director upon request.
  4. Tree limbs shall be separated from smaller shrubbery trimmings to allow for chipping, all brush shall be put in separate piles from other general debris.
  5. Limbs and cuttings must be placed with butt or cut end toward the street or public alley and must be of the size that can be handled by one person.
  6. The city shall not collect tree and shrubbery trimmings resulting from contracted work, as defined in § 54.01 of this chapter, nor shall the city collect, remove, or assist in the removal of tree stumps, small rocks, tree trunks, heavy grass, or dirt resulting from the clearing of any property of any kind. It shall be unlawful for any person to place or deposit any such item at curbside at any time. (Ord. passed 2/10/92) Penalty, see § 54.99