Build BC- Bessemer City Residential Development Initiative


Purpose of this Initiative

The BUILD BC Initiative comes from Bessemer City’s goal and desire to encourage residential growth in and around Bessemer City.  BUILD BC is an overall initiative of providing housing opportunities to develop diverse, mixed-income neighborhoods.

Housing Opportunities

Bessemer City host’s an array of housing development opportunities from new infill, historic renovations, or new housing developments neighborhoods.  Infill residential development is heavily emphasized and encouraged.

Bessemer City’s thriving downtown Central Business District (CBD) and growing industrial park (Southridge Business Park) make new housing development projects feasible and attractive for new residents as the community continues to grow.

Bessemer City’s proximity to the Charlotte-Metro Region is positioned between rural living and urban convenience.  Green space can be enjoyed with open land, parks, while at the same time being located along Interstate 85 giving Bessemer City residents the ability to mobilize to any amenity in the Charlotte-Metro region with ease.

Come experience the best of both worlds, rural living with urban experiences. Let’s BUILD BC!

Housing Grants

In October 2017, City Council approved the Infill Development Grant (IDG) to encourage residential growth.  The grant provides developers and buildings the opportunity to apply for a cash grant equivalent to development fees for new housing projects.  Click Here to see the grant guidelines.

Conceptual Housing Plans

The City is currently working on developing strategic plans for neighborhood revitalization and new housing opportunity planning.  Below is a list of potential site projects for infill residential development:


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