South Ridge Business Park

South Ridge Business Park is the hub for industrial growth in Bessemer City.  The park also serves as one of the leading destinations for new economic growth in Gaston County and the Charlotte-Metro Region.  The City of Bessemer City and Gaston County work together to showcase South Ridge Business Park as an optimal location for new business growth and existing business expansion.  For more information on the park visit

South Ridge Business Park- SITE MAP

Below is a video of a conceptual building that could be built in South Ridge Business Park:

Tosaf, USA

Tosaf, USA is a global leader in developing and manufacturing high quality additives, compounds and color masterbatches for the plastics industry.  Tosaf, USA chose Bessemer City for their first US site!  Tosaf employees around 75 people and plan to grow in the future.

Advanced Drainage Systems

Advanced Drainage Systems is the largest polyethylene pipe and fittings manufacturer in the country and operates a 50,000 square foot facility in Southridge. They produce pipe diameters ranging in sizes from 4 to 48 inches and employ 200 people.

Dole Foods

April 4, 2007 marked the day of the new Dole facility grand opening. A new industrial customer, Dole has invested millions of dollars and will provide hundreds of jobs for our community. The new facility is located in the Southridge Business Park, which has entrances off of Edgewood Road and Gastonia Highway at its intersection with Maine Avenue.

FMC Lithium, Inc.

One of our largest industries is FMC Lithium, Inc. They are the largest producers of lithium in both Americas. Lithium is used in pharmaceuticals, batteries, ceramics, and many other products.

Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas (Designer Shades Division) has a 150,000 square foot facility in Southridge. Southridge is expected to accommodate 7-10 typical-structure plant facilities over the next 15 years. Much of our commercial enterprise is located in the downtown area of the city, giving residents one location to handle most of their shopping needs.


Since 1970, Manufactoring Services Incorporated (MSI) has been a valued supplier and jobshop to the electronics, automotive, medical, industrial, textile and appliance industries, as well as many other service related industries in the region and beyond.


There is also still some agriculture in the form of Kiser’s Dairy Farm, among others. Mr. Kiser is a descendent of one of the founding families of Bessemer City and he has about 200 animals. Recently, many diversified industries have discovered the many assets of Bessemer City and have chosen the opportunity to grow and prosper with us.

Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS)
902 E. Maine Ave.
P.O. Box 9
Bessemer City, NC 28016
Phone: 704-629-4151
Fax: 704-629-4122

FMC/Lithium Division
Hwy 161
P.O. Box 795
Bessemer City, NC 28016
Phone: 704-868-7650
Fax: 704-868-7194

Manufacturing Services
725 E. Maine Ave.
Bessemer City, NC 28016
Phone: 704-629-4163
Fax: 704-629-2740

Dole Fresh Vegetables
220 South Ridge Parkway
Bessemer City, NC 28016
Phone: 704-810-7000
Tosaf, USA
910 South Ridge Parkway
Bessemer City, NC 28016
Phone: 980-533-3000