February 2015 Work Session Meeting Minutes

February 24th, 2015

The Bessemer City Council met for a work session on Tuesday, February 24th, 2015 at 3:30PM in the Council Chambers of City Hall. Proper notice was given.

Call to Order
Mayor Smith call the meeting to order and thanked all department heads for attending.

Members Present
Mayor Becky Smith; Council Members: Donnie Griffin, Alfred Carpenter, Howard Jones, Joe Will, Kay McCathen, and Don Boling were all present. City Manager James Inman and department heads were also present.

Department Head Reports
Each department head reported information to Council:

Jamie Ramsey, Public Works Director- reported that crews were getting ready for the potential snow fall. Mayor Smith stated that Public Works did a wonderful job clearing streets from the previous storm.
Melinda Beard, Assistant Public Works Director- nothing to report.
Diane Jenkins, Finance Director- reported that the annual audit is at or near completion.
JoD Franklin, Parks and Recreation Director- reported on the Community Concert and Cruise-In Series, which will take place on the 4th Saturday of each month between April and September. Mr. Franklin also reported on plans for Down Home Festival, which will be on May 8th and 9th this year.
Jeffrey Kirchner, City Planner- reported on the streetscape project and the plans of having another stakeholder meeting for the project. City Manager, James Inman, and Mayor Smith also commented on landscaping improvements at the downtown underpass. Bessemer City Downtown Development has requested the improvements by providing a plan. Direction was given to start the improvements at the underpass.
Tom Ellis, Police Chief- reported on the great job the Public Works Department did during the snow storm. Chief Ellis mentioned it was easy for officers to patrol during the inclement weather. Chief Ellis also mentioned the status of cases the police department is working on.
Josh Ross, Economic Development Officer- reported on Tosaf, Inc. Mr. Ross mentioned that the City continues to work with the County and company on the final logistics with the project. The company anticipates to be completed with construction by September 2015 but there is not a definite completion date.

City Manager’s Report
Mr. Inman reported on the city pool. Mr. Inman and JoD Franklin, Parks and Recreation Director, met with a company that is interested in running the city pool this year. The company is proposing to run the pool, which would include personnel and general expenses, for approximately $69,000. The company also works to maintained the pool year round and can help build a capital improvement plan (CIP) for the pool. This would result in a savings for the City.

By consensus, Council approved the plan to contract out the operations of the pool.

Mickley Bridge Discussion
City Council held discussions on who to name the new Mickley Bridge after. After discussion, and by consensus, City Council decided to keep the name of the bridge and not name it after anyone.

Request to Speak/Opportunity for Public Comment
Mayor Smith opened the floor for public comment. There was none.

Council General Discussion
Council Member Joe Will thanked public works for clearing the streets and also asked if Todd Drive was on the Pavement Improvements Schedule. Mr. Will mentioned the standing water that develops at the corner of Todd Drive and Costner School Road when it rains. Staff will report back.

Mayor Becky Smith invited City Council and department heads to attend a breakfast at Bessemer City Primary School and Bessemer City Central Elementary School. Mayor Smith also proposed the idea of having Bessemer City Schools identify teachers of the month to be recognized at Council meetings.

Council Member Dan Boling also thanked Public Works for their work during the snow storm and for repairing a water break during the cold weather.

City Manager, James Inman, mentioned that the precinct at the Bessemer City Community Center will need to be relocated for this year’s election because of the center’s renovation project. Staff will work with the County Elections Department on finding a location. Mr. Inman also discussed that staff is working with the County Elections Department to process the recent changes to Council and Mayor terms in office.

Being no further business to come before the board, the meeting adjourned at 4:11PM by consensus of Council.

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