Frequently Asked Questions

Water Department

Usually brown or discolored water can be caused by low usage, where water is sitting in the pipes or from a leak in the pipe. Sometimes we have what we call lake turnover which is caused by the change in temperature of the water and can occur during the change of the seasons, this will also cause discoloration as well as taste and odor in the water.

Yes. The Water Treatment Facility staff samples and analyzes the water we treat hourly or as required by the State of North Carolina and EPA.  The Water Treatment Facility Operator continually monitors our charts, recorders, and digital information to ensure the plant does not have any problems.  Should there be a change in any of the above, the operator notifies the Operator in Responsible Charge (ORC) for direction.

The State of North Carolina Water Resources requires the Water Treatment Facility to inform you of the conditions of your water throughout the year.  Some of these reports are general information, some are to notify you should a parameter in your water exceed the required limits.  Should you have questions concerning these reports please call someone at the above phone numbers.  We will be happy to assist you with your questions or concerns.