January 2016 Regular City Council Meeting Minutes

REGULAR MEETING                                        

January 11, 2016

The Bessemer City Council met in regular session on Monday, January 11th, 2016 at 7:00 PM in the Council Chamber of City Hall.

Members Present

Mayor Becky Smith, Council Members: Dan Boling, Kay McCathen, Joe Will, Howard Jones, Alfred Carpenter, and Donnie Griffin.  Attorney, David Smith, was also present.  City Manager, James Inman, was absent.

Call to Order, Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance

Mayor Smith called the meeting to order.  Amanda Fowler, Students Ministry Pastor of First Wesleyan Church, led in prayer.  Mayor Smith followed by leading in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Approval of the January Agenda

By motion of Alfred Carpenter and unanimous vote, the January Agenda was approved.

Special Presentations

Student Appreciation– Students from Bessemer City High School, Bessemer City Middle School, Bessemer City Central Elementary School, and Bessemer City Primary Schools were recognized by their principals/counselors and City Council as part of the Student Appreciation Program.

Mr. James Montgomery, Principal of Bessemer City High School, and Mayor Smith, presented certificates to Henry Novoa, Kaylee Rhinehardt, and Victoria Beam.

Bessemer City Middle School did not have any Students of the Month in attendance.

Mrs. Erin Morehead, Counselor at Bessemer City Primary School, and Mayor Smith, presented certificates to Braydyn Grayson, Shyerra Ickard, and Cloey Grant.

Mrs. Erin Morehead, Counselor of Bessemer City Primary School and Mayor Smith, presented a certificate to Juan Jimenez from Bessemer City Central Elementary School.

Request to Speak/Opportunity for Public Comment

Mayor Smith opened the floor for public comment.

Mike Cloy- Disabled Veterans Outreach Program Specialist: Mr. Cloy spoke to Mayor Smith and City Council about the Disabled Veteran Outreach Program.  Mr. Cloy explained his role is to help disabled veterans with employment opportunities.  Mr. Cloy expressed his willingness to assist with disabled veterans in the Bessemer City community.

Phillip Russ- Bessemer City High School Teacher and Baseball Coach: Mr. Russ spoke to Mayor Smith and City Council about the Bessemer City High School Baseball Program.  Mr. Russ invited Mayor Smith, City Council, and City Staff to attend games.  Mr. Russ also expressed that the team wishes to help out in the City by working on service projects and anything else that the City may need.

Consent Agenda

The following items for the Consent Agenda were unanimously approved by motion of Howard Jones:

  1. Approval of Minutes: Regular Meeting Minutes of December 14th, 2015.
  2. Request for Overnight Travel: City Manager, James Inman, and City Clerk, Joshua Ross, to attend the North Carolina City and County Managers (NCCCMA) Conference in Durham, NC February 3rd-5th

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Proclamation

Mayor Smith read aloud a proclamation declaring Monday, January 11, 2016 a day to remember Dr. King and to promote appropriate activities to further enhance democratic ideals and concepts.

By motion of Dan Boling and unanimous vote, the proclamation was adopted.  A copy of the proclamation is on file at City Hall.

Bessemer City Downtown Development (BCDD) Board Appointments

Mayor Smith presented to City Council individuals desiring to serve on the BCDD board.  These members include existing members and potentially new members.  By motion of Donnie Griffin and unanimous vote, the following terms were approved by City Council:

Bridget Martin, 2 year term ending December 2017

Brooke Randolph, 2 year term ending December 2017

Melba Kiser, 3 year term ending December 2018

Allen Hook, 3 year term ending December 2018

Meg Tsambounieris, Chamber of Commerce Representative

City Manager’s Report

  1. Budget Amendment: by motion of Kay McCathen and unanimous vote, the following budget amendment was approved:



BE IT ORDAINED by the governing body of the City of Bessemer City that the following amendments for the Fire Department Expansion Project are hereby amended as follows:

Section 1. Capital Project Ordinances as follows:

Account Number


45.00.2990.100                       Transfer From Kings Mtn Water Line 76,626.50

61.91.3991.991                       Transfer from Gas FB                          75,000.00

64.94.3991.991                       Transfer from FB Water/Sewer            75,000.00                                    ________________________________________________________________________


Account Number


45.00.2990.100                       Transfer to BCFD Renovation           76,626.50

61.91.3991.991                       Transfer to BCFD Renovation           75,000

64.94.3991.991                       Transfer to BCFD Renovation           75,000



Section 2. Copies of this Ordinance shall be furnished with the Clerk to the Governing Board, the Budget Officer, and the Finance Officer for their direction.

Council General Discussion

Council Member Joe Will wanted to know how long the downtown lights would be on.  Mayor Smith advised Mr. Will that the lights would be on until day-light savings time.  Council Member Alfred Carpenter stated that Mayor Smith represented the City well and has done an outstanding job as Mayor.  Council Member Donnie Griffin commemorated City Staff that worked to fix a water line break.  Attorney David Smith mentioned to City Council that the property transaction at 118 West Virginia Avenue closed.  The City now owns the property.


Being no further business to come before the board, by motion of Alfred Carpenter and unanimous vote, the meeting adjourned at 7:30PM.

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