Pedestrian Plan Update 2021

Bessemer City is updating its 2010 Pedestrian Plan. The new plan will set current priorities for sidewalks, multi-use paths, and street crossings. The plan also will take a look at policies and programs to help ensure the community makes the best use of these new investments.

The 2010 Bessemer City Pedestrian Plan recommended increasing sidewalk connections as a way to improve access to health and social services, parks, and many more destinations. In 2021, it’s time to revisit these plans and think about what’s most important today.

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The Bessemer City Pedestrian Plan Update is a partnership between Bessemer City and the North Carolina Department of Transportation. The plan is funded through NCDOT’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Grant Initiative.

The Bessemer City Pedestrian Plan Update is being guided by a Steering Committee that includes local staff, stakeholders, and citizens. The planning process should take approximately six months.


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