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Natural Gas Service Line Safety Device Availability Customer Notification

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Bessemer City Natural Gas Customer:

Based on the requirements of a new regulation issued by the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PMHSA), the City of Bessemer is providing notification to all of its customers about the availability of the retrofit installation of an excess flow valve (EFV) on your natural gas service line. The following information is provided to help you decide if the installation of this safety device on your natural gas service line is desired.

What is EFV?

An EFV is a mechanical safety device that is installed on a natural gas distribution service line between the street and residential meter. If there is a significant increase in the flow of gas (e.g., due to a damaged line), the EFV will “trip” or close to stop of minimize the flow of gas through the line thus, decreasing the amount of escaping into the atmosphere. During normal use, the valve is kept pushed open against oncoming gas flow by a spring. EFV’s are designed so that general usage, such as turning on appliances, will not shut the valve. However, during a significant increase in the flow of gas (e.g., due to a damaged line), the spring cannot overcome the force of gas, and the valve will closed and stay closed until the correct pressure is restored. When the correct pressure is restored (e.g., following repair of the damage), the EFV automatically resets itself.

How much does the installation of the EFV cost?

The cost of the EFV and the installation is $450.00. This cost will include the materials (valve)  and installation of the valve by qualified City of Bessemer City Gas Department employees. The installation of the EFV will require excavation of your natural gas service line in or near the street, disconnecting of your service line to install the valve and restoration of the excavation and surrounding area. Following the installation of the EFV, the City of Bessemer City will accept all responsibility for maintaining, repairing, and replacing the EFV as required.

How do I request the installation of the EFV?

If you would like to have an EFV installed on your natural gas service line, visit City Hall and complete an application or visit the Finance and Customer Service page on the City’s website to download a copy of the application. All applications and fees must be submitted at City Hall.

Once the application is complete and fee is paid, the installation will be scheduled by Finance and Customer Service Representative.

 If you have additional questions concerning the EFV’s, please contact Finance and Customer Service at 704-629-5542.

Public Awareness Program: Working Together for Safety

The Bessemer City Natural Gas Department personnel strive to operate the gas system with an emphasis on safety. As one of the many people who live or work near our natural gas system, you can help us keep the gas system operating safely. The following information will be useful to you, and also help you keep us informed of safety issues:

  • Recognize and react to a gas leak
  • Know the gas leak instructions
  • Know the dangers of Carbon Monoxide gas
  • Know the dangers of using flexible gas connectors
  • Know the reason for pipeline markers
  • Know how to recognize a Pipeline emergency
  • Know why we should protect gas meters

Never try to locate a pipeline yourself, always contact the North Carolina One Call Center at 811 or 1-800-632-4949. Give them the information as they request and they will notify everyone with utility in the area of your planned excavation. The only requirement is that you give us 72 hours notice to allow time to respond to the locate request and mark our utility. There is no charge for this service.

Department Responsibilities:

The Bessemer City Natural Gas Department first responsibilities is to keep the public safety first and making sure that our employees are working in safe environment. The Bessemer City Natural Gas Department works closely with other municipal groups that provide natural gas to their customers.

Our other main adjective is our Public Awareness Program. This program is to educate both our customers and non-customers who live or work near our pipelines, how to recognize the odor of natural gas and how to respond if they detect possible gas odors. Early recognize of a gas odor and proper response can save lives.

The Natural Gas Department sends out a brochure twice a year to our customers and non-customers to help them understand and be aware of the natural gas distribution system.

Department Mission:

The Natural Gas Department is always trying to keep up the new technology in the gas field, and making sure that our Natural Gas Distribution system is up to date with the requirements of the Pipeline Safety Federal Regulations of the 191 and 192. To stay in compliance with the Pipeline Safety Federal Regulations of the 191 and 192 the Gas Department employees are trained in the field and are update with their OQ – Operator Qualifications Testing.

Our main mission is to keep our customers and non-customer safe and for them to have knowledge of Natural Gas and keep our employees trained and qualified to work in a safe in environment.

General Information About Services:

  • Installing gas service to home
  • Install gas mains
  • Install gas meter or change out gas meter
  • Gas Technician on call 24hrs
  • Check for gas leaks and CO
  • Repair broke gas mains and services
  • Do monthly maintenances on Natural Gas Distribution System
  • Once a year proofing gas meter
  • Once a year leak survey
  • Once a week check low and high pressure readings.

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