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Water Treatment Plant

298 Logan Street
Bessemer City, NC 28016
(704) 629-5684

Department Mission:

The mission of the staff of the Bessemer City Water Division of the Public Works Department is to provide customers with a safe and dependable supply of water for drinking, domestic, and recreational purposes. We continually strive to provide you dependable and high quality service. We are committed to protecting the environment and following all Local, State, and Federal regulations. 

Triple Redundancy System:
Bessemer City provides a triple redundancy system for residents and businesses making the community ideal for growth and business operation uses.

  • The City controls and manages two (2) public water sources, Arrowood Lake, located off of Sunset Drive (primary) and Webber Lake, located off of Old Mill Road (secondary).  These reservoirs are fed from Long Creek, located north west of the City.
  • Bessemer City is connected with the City of Kings Mountain’s water system as an emergency backup.  Water is only purchased from the City of Kings Mountain during emergencies.
  • Bessemer City is also connected with the City of Gastonia (Two Rivers Utilities) for water service.  This connection is only used in emergency situations.

Water Customer Service:
Visit the Customer Service & Finance page for water/sewer tap applications and information about billing, deposits and fees. 

Department Responsibilities:
It is the responsibility of the Water Division to ensure the water delivered to your homes and or businesses is treated properly to provide you and your family with safe, tasteful, potable water.

General Information About Services:
Should you have a problem with your water please call someone at the above phone numbers. We will do everything possible to locate a problem with your water including flushing water lines and having a staff member collect and analyze a water sample from your home or business and notify you of the results.

Wastewater Services:
Bessemer City contracts with Two Rivers Utilities (TRU)(City of Gastonia) for wastewater treatment services. 

Bessemer City recently came in 3rd place in the North Carolina Rural Water Association Water Taste Contest!  A sample of water was taken from the Bessemer City Water System and submitted to be evaluated on 1) Taste, 2) Color, 3) Odor and 4) Clarity.

Visit the North Carolina Rural Water Association for more information!

Water Notices:

Click Here to access public water notices.

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